Creative Support For The Independent Film, Speaker & Podcaster

NNS specializes in providing high-quality administrative and creative support to independent filmmakers, professional speakers, and podcasters. The company leverages a diverse background in finance, supply chain, legal marketing, and accounting, combined with extensive experience in radio, television, and independent film production and distribution. This unique and polished skill set enables Norice Notary to offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to the specific needs of the arts and entertainment industries.

Core Services:

  • Administrative Support: Efficient management of schedules, communication, and logistics, ensuring smooth operations for clients.
  • Team Building: Facilitating effective team-building strategies and activities to enhance collaboration and productivity.
  • Presentation Creation: Designing and developing professional presentations that effectively communicate clients' visions and goals.
  • Project Management: Managing projects to ensure timely and successful completion, utilizing tools such as Trello, Asana, and
  • Graphic Design: Creating visually appealing promotional materials using tools like Adobe Creative Suite and Canva.
  • Form Creation: Developing custom forms for various business purposes, ensuring all necessary information is collected accurately and efficiently.
  • Social Media Content Creation and Engagement: Promoting projects through engaging content and interactive campaigns, leveraging knowledge of social media platforms and digital marketing strategies.

Chain of Title Proficiency:

Norice Notary Business Solutions also brings specialized expertise in managing Chain of Title processes, a critical component in the film industry. Chain of Title refers to the series of documentation that establishes the ownership rights of a film or creative project, ensuring that all legal rights have been properly secured from the original creator to the current owner.

  • Importance of Chain of Title: Properly managing Chain of Title is essential to avoid legal complications, additional costs, and delays in the production and distribution process. It ensures that all participants have signed the necessary releases and that the project meets all legal obligations.
  • Expert Feedback to Producers: Norice Notary regularly offers feedback to producers on practical ways to fulfill these legal obligations, providing guidance on obtaining and organizing signed releases and other essential documents.
  • Effective Contract Completion: By ensuring that Chain of Title agreements are meticulously managed, Norice Notary helps clients avoid future legal fees and delays caused by overlooked or forgotten paperwork. This diligence is particularly important when completing contracts with independent distributors, as it safeguards the project's legal integrity and smoothens the distribution process.

With a commitment to supporting the arts and an extensive range of skills and experience, Norice Notary Business Solutions aims to help clients achieve their dreams. Whether through motivating and entertaining audiences or supporting creative endeavors, the company provides the high-energy assistance needed for success and growth in the arts and entertainment industries.

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